COVID-19 Ireland

Updated: Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Herd Immunity

How long will it take until enough people in Ireland have been vaccinated to provide full herd immunity?

For full immunity we should aim to vaccinate 95% of the population, though much of normal life should be able to resume earlier.

We can calculate an estimated date as follows. There are around 4 million people aged over twelve in Ireland, and we are fully vaccinating people at a 7-day average rate of around 1 doses per day.

This means it will take -420,900 days to vaccinate 95% of the adult population. The projected herd immunity date is Monday, May 11, 871.

This estimate will be updated daily as more vaccination information is received.

Herd immunity

20212022202325%50%75%100%June 28, 6122*Total fully vaccinated (80.22%)